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Advantage Solutions is a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions to consumer goods companies and retailers. Our data- and technology-driven services — which include headquarter sales, retail merchandising, in-store and online sampling, digital commerce, omnichannel marketing, retail media and others — help brands and retailers of all sizes get products into the hands of consumers, wherever they shop. As a trusted partner and problem solver, we help our clients sell more while spending less. Headquartered in Irvine, California, we have offices throughout North America and strategic investments in select markets throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe through which we serve the global needs of multinational, regional and local manufacturers.

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Dear Advantage shareholders,

2021 certainly tested our mettle — and the Advantage team proved its resilience. We started the year with high hopes for a return to normalcy and instead got Delta, Omicron, a seismic disruption in labor markets, the highest inflation in five decades and stretched and strained supply chains.

In the face of these uncontrollables, we delivered on our commitments to our owners and finished 2021 strong. I’m so proud of how well our team navigated the tumult. We demonstrated again that we’re a trusted partner and problem solver — delivering value for brands and retailers where it counts, all the way to the shelf.

As we look ahead, we still see a wide range of outcomes for how much we all consume at home, which channels we buy in and the mix of sales and marketing tactics that will emerge post-COVID. Regardless of how all this unfolds, we know we have the capabilities, team and culture to navigate an uncertain future and emerge stronger. To stay successful, we will carry on with practical, client-driven innovation and a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo.

As we continue to build the business on your behalf, we will remain laser-focused on our mission to create sustainable shareholder value for you over time. After over 30 years as a private company, we still very much think of our owners as partners in the business. Our goal is to provide you with a realistic assessment of our business opportunities and challenges. Our team takes great pride and responsibility in the trust you’ve placed in us to be good stewards of your capital. We look forward to having you as part of the Advantage family for many years.

In this letter, I’ll review how Advantage creates value. Then I’ll discuss the progress we made in 2021 and highlight some of our key priorities for 2022 and beyond.

Now, to the main event.


As an Advantage shareholder, you own a stake in a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions to consumer goods companies and retailers. Our data- and technology-driven services — which include headquarter sales, retail merchandising, in-store and online sampling, digital commerce, omnichannel marketing, retail media and others — help brands and retailers of all sizes get products into the hands of consumers, wherever they shop. As a trusted partner and problem solver, we help our clients sell more while spending less.

Creating value on this platform is simple, but not easy. At the most fundamental level:

  • We sit at the nexus of consumer goods companies and retailers. A trusted partner to both.
  • We help make clients more effective. And more efficient.
  • We win by providing best-in-class service every day. And by innovating on a nimble operating platform.
  • We drive productivity to provide fuel for reinvestment and growth.

Simply put, we are built to do it better, cheaper and faster. At our leading scale, this stable model yields solid Adjusted EBITDA margins, which we convert into abundant free cash flow. We then reinvest that free cash flow at very attractive incremental returns and drive growth by selling more asset-light core services to our existing clients, recruiting new clients and entering adjacent spaces where we have the right to win, further widening our competitive moat.

Our expertise and scale have compounded over decades, built on differentiated business systems, talent, relationships and technology. We listen, learn and invest in capabilities that allow us to meet the evolving needs of brands and retailers — solving existing problems better and new problems quickly to navigate change in an increasingly omnichannel world. This, in turn, helps us compound our relationships with clients. Over time, our clients assess which functions to own and which to outsource. As a trusted partner, we capture an outsized share of that outsourcing. By layering on new solutions as we go, we add rich data and insights atop a scaled team and seek to expand returns on capital.

Our broad and deep collection of digital services and solutions — collectively approaching 20% of our revenue — are a great example of these principles in action. Many years ago, we set out to replicate the core functional expertise built over decades by managing brands in brick-and-mortar channels and extend that service to online channels. While many of the principles are the same in selling, merchandising and marketing consumer goods across channels, the tools and tactics to drive winning outcomes for clients are slightly different. As we’ve mastered and scaled our digital expertise, we’ve served a robust e-commerce end market with higher margin and higher return solutions for brands and retailers.

With this in mind, how do we measure value creation at Advantage?


We are a team who wants to win and knows how to win for clients and shareholders. We believe the primary measure of our success will be the sustainable long-term value we create for shareholders over time (on a per share basis). While not a perfect measure, we believe long-term total shareholder returns is a reasonable system for keeping score. This reflects our belief that public equity markets “get it right” and reflect intrinsic business value reasonably well over time. We’re confident, however, that if we do our jobs well and compound the intrinsic value of our business by executing well and investing wisely, our stock performance should be aligned in the long run.


As I noted in my opening, 2021 was not a “normalizing” post-COVID year. Trends continued stronger for longer in COVID-aided businesses. And rebounds were slower in COVID-impacted businesses.

Many “rules” that have historically defined consumer packaged goods as a relatively stable, predictable end market were tossed out the window last year. Consumer purchase decisions were dictated as much by shelf availability as brand preference or price point. Supply chain hiccups stymied efforts to revive innovation pipelines. And shifting service mix, elevated recruiting costs and rising wages meant we converted less of our revenue growth to Adjusted EBITDA gains.

In the end, we met our commitments and delivered the Adjusted EBITDA we targeted. We underestimated a number of headwinds — labor market disruption, inflation and supply chain unrest. And as we rallied “all hands on deck” to deliver for clients, we weren’t able to pause, catch our breath and make needed moves early enough to fend off building pressure. Thankfully, late 2021 and early 2022 gave us that chance to look back and look ahead — with deep, thoughtful analyses that will guide our plan for future value creation.

That leads me to my next topic.


We believe our future is bright at Advantage. We’ve reinforced client relationships and trust and fortified our solutions with practical, timely innovations. The value proposition supporting demand for our critical services remains as strong as ever. We’ve built leading market share and competitive advantages in key businesses across our sales and marketing segments. Our platform gives us endless opportunity to evolve and grow.

Advantage continues to help brands and retailers navigate record inflation, supply chain constraints and shifts in consumer demand channels and marketing mix. We’ve also taken a deep dive into our historical drivers of value creation, done a thoughtful analysis of the challenges and opportunities emerging post-COVID and had a humbling reality check as we evaluated structural shifts in the labor market. The result is a decision to guide our Adjusted EBITDA outlook for 2022 to a level that creates room for continued uncertainty in dynamic labor markets and supply chains and provides room to opportunistically reinvest — in innovation, in renovation and in talent.

  • In innovation, we will invest in data intelligence, growth channels/verticals like drug and beauty, and key marketing opportunities like retail media. Investments in innovation will deploy capital to accelerate growth in higher margin, higher return franchises most likely to thrive post-COVID with our most talented entrepreneurs.
  • In renovation, we will step up recruiting investment, explore centralizing and outsourcing more back office infrastructure and deploy technology to help enable our most labor-intensive businesses like retail merchandising and demo/sampling. Investments will speed recruitment, boost retention and enhance labor productivity in our most COVID-impacted businesses.
  • In talent, we will invest in wage hikes that we will only partially recover in price and begin to develop and deploy an Advantage Academy to provide a management career path for our full-time hourly associates.

Our commitment to you is to make decisions and build the business with long-term value creation principles in mind — always letting clients’ needs serve as the true north that guides our actions and investment. By being good stewards of our clients' businesses and our owners' capital, the results should take care of themselves over time.

While this is the last annual letter I’ll write as chief executive officer of Advantage before passing the baton to the next generation of amazing leadership at the company and transitioning to the executive chair role, I couldn’t be more excited for the company’s future. I cannot think of a better person to write the next chapter of the Advantage story than Jill Griffin, my successor as CEO and long-time partner in building the business. With Jill at the helm, I know I am leaving the business in better and more capable hands and am confident that under her leadership the best is yet to come for Advantage!

As I mentioned in my farewell note to associates (link here), it’s been my honor and privilege to work at Advantage for the past 32 years. This is a special company with special people. I am grateful to have had the amazing opportunity to build, learn and lead with so many great partners.

We thank you for your investment and continued support.

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Tanya Domier



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